2nd Sunday of Advent 2nd Sunday of Advent
2nd Sunday of Advent 2nd Sunday of Advent
2nd Sunday of Advent 2nd Sunday of Advent


Trying to find the way in life is never easy. Some people just drift, aimlessly floating on whatever whim or impulse happens.

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Welcome to our Parish of Balyna

Our parish of Balyna in north Kildare, Ireland, includes the three churches of Broadford, Johnstownbridge and Clogherinkoe. We have parish schools adjacent to each of these churches and also a fourth school in Cadamstown.

Our parish website is intended to be a source of information about our parish for locals and visitors alike. We welcome your feedback so that we can improve our website and our parish. Parish contact details are available at this link.

Bird’s eye view of the three churches of Balyna Parish

Broadford Church (Top), Johnstownbridge Church (Bottom Left) and Clogherinkoe Church (Bottom Right).

Please also watch an Angels view to see some more of our parish:
An Angels view of Balyna Parish and surrounding areas

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Mass Times

St. Mary's Church, Broadford

Sunday 11.00am
Tuesday 10.00am
Friday 7.30pm

St. Patrick's Church, Johnstownbridge

Sunday 9.30am
Thursday 10.00am

St. Brigid's Church, Clogherinkoe

Saturday evening (Vigil) 6.00pm
Wedensday 10:00am


Catechesis at Mass for Communion and Confirmation Candidates

November 30, 2023

On the second Sunday of Advent (Week-end- 9-10 December) we will have a catechesis at Mass for the Communion and Confirmation candidates. As always people can attend any mass as the same material is offered in each. Also, a small number who missed the enrolment can be accommodated that weekend, please contact the parish office…

Christmas Mass Bouquets

November 22, 2023

Our Christmas Mass Bouquets are now available for sale in the Parish Office and the B.R.E.D.A Centre at a cost of €5. These are a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give family and friends at Christmas.

Update Balyna Parish Draw

November 13, 2023

Sincere thanks for all the support for the draw so far. It is our major fundraiser for the year and we hope that it will be a good offset for the insurance expenses. Many Thanks!

Winter Closing Time

November 2, 2023

All Churches in the parish will be closing at the earlier time of 4pm daily during the winter months, except for those occasions when there is evening Mass. For safety and security reasons it is necessary to close the Churches while it is still daylight. Please note that, in the event of a severe weather…

Celebration of Sacraments 2024

September 21, 2023

We look forward to our celebration of sacraments for 2024, the dates are as follows:

11th May 2024

11:00am Clocha Rince Communion

12:15pm Clocha Rince Confirmation

2:00pm Cadamstown Communion

3:30pm Cadamstown Confirmation

18th May 2024

11:00am Johnstownbridge Communion

12:15pm Johnstownbridge Confirmation

2:00pm Broadford Communion

3:30pm Broadford Confirmation

Cadamstown Hall

August 14, 2023

All bookings for Cadamstown Hall must be made through the Parish Office. (046 9551203).


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