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A Brief Explanation of Parish Finance


What happens to the money that is put into the offertory baskets every Sunday?

The money that is put into the offertory baskets is used for the everyday running of the Parish. This includes wages, heating, lighting, and maintenance of the three churches, the insurance of all parish property, the diocesan levy, the primary schools telephone, equipment, bank charges, church requisites and stationary needs.

What is the Diocesan Levy?

One substantial expense, which the Parish annually incurs, is the Diocesan Levy. This is a contribution that every parish must make towards the administration of the diocese. In our diocese there are expenses such as: Education, Youth Ministry, Accord, Diocesan Mission, Cura, and the education of students for the diocesan priesthood. The current Diocesan Levy for Balyna Parish is €8,628.00 per annum. This payment is made to the Diocesan Office in twelve instalments, one every month.

Does the parish provide finance for the Primary Schools?

Up until recently the primary schools were a cause of significant expense for the parish. However, this is no longer the case. The ‘Local Contribution’ has now been done away with and a grant aid scheme for minor building works has been introduced. Consequently, the parish has now only to pay a percentage of all major building works that are carried out in the schools and this is capped at € 31,743.45.

What happens to the money people put into the weekly envelopes?

There are two kinds of envelopes in the box of envelopes?

1. The white envelopes marked ‘Weekly Offering’: The money donated to the ‘Weekly Offering’ collection is used to finance the day-to-day running of the parish.

2. The coloured envelopes: The money donated to the coloured envelopes is for the Priest’s Collections, Retired Priests, List of the Dead, the Propagation of the Faith and Peter’s Pence.

Please explain how the priest benefits from the Envelope Collections?

There are seven special envelopes for the support of the priest: The June Collection, The Autumn Dues, The Easter Stations, The Easter Sunday Collection, The List of the Dead, The Christmas Stations, The Christmas Day Collection. It is only from these seven envelope collections that the priest benefits.

How can you help your Parish?


We depend on the voluntary contributions of parishioners for the running and development of our parish.You may contribute to the running and development of the parish in the following ways:

Plate Collection:

You may contribute to your parish by donating to the plate collection. This collection is taken up at all weekend masses. All money from this collection goes towards the day-to-day running of the parish.

Envelope Collection:

You may contribute to your parish by taking a box of envelopes. These are distrubuted to all homes in the parish at the beginning of every year. As well as the standard weekly white envelopes, the box of envelopes also contains a number of yellow and mauve envelopes which are for special collections. The box of envelopes also contains some blue envelopes which allow you to contribute quarterly, half yearly or annually. Envelopes can be returned at weekend masses in the boxes which are provided at the back of the churches. Alternatively, you may return your envelopes to the Parish Office. If, for whatever reason, you have not received a box of envelopes, you may obtain one from the Parish Office.

Standing Order:

You may contribute to your parish by arranging to have a Standing Order with your bank. If you choose to do so, you have the option of making a monthly, three monthly or yearly contribution. An application for a Standing Order may be made at your bank. If you decide to set up a Standing Order, please click below to download the Standing Order Form. The Parish Account is at Ulster Bank, Edenderry, Co Offaly. The Account Number is: 10197240, sort code: 98 56 40.

Click Here to download the Standing Order Form

Tax Refunds:

Assuming you have contributed €250.00 or more to the parish within the tax year, the parish can receive a tax-refund from the Revenue Commissioners, by completing the appropriate form, which is available at the Parish Office.

If you are self-employed, the tax refund is available to you. If you are a PAYE worker the refund is available to the parish.

Repayment of income tax under SN848A TCA 1997 for the tax year 2011 amounted to €5,739.88.


23rd November, 2012.

Re: Weekly Box of Envelopes 2013

Dear Parishioner,

In these very challenging times, I appreciate your ongoing financial support to our weekly collections. Your contributions during 2012 have enabled the Parish Finance Committee to pay for the following: the diocesan levy, the running of the Parish Office in Broadford, insurance, staff wages, heating oil, electricity, telephone, stationary supplies, church requisites and the general maintenance and upkeep of all parochial property.

Thankfully, we are still able to pay our bills. But only just!  The return of envelopes this year has decreased. Out of 940 envelope boxes which were distributed, only 290 households have subscribed. This is disappointing. I acknowledge the huge financial strain that many people are suffering because of the ongoing economic recession. Obviously, this is an extremely hard time for many families. To those of you who are still able to subscribe to the parish collections, I extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation. It is your contributions – and your contributions alone – which make it possible for us to provide parish services.

The balance due on the Parish Loan at 31st December 2011 was € 77,028.  The balance due  today is € 62,360. The repayments for this came from the Parish Sports Day and the refund from the Revenue Commissioners on forms returned by parishioners who contributed  € 250 or more.

Please find enclosed an Advent Card and a Parish Calendar for 2013.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,


Very Rev. Gerard Breen P.P.

parish finance letter 1 (resized) 2013

parish finance letter 2 (resized) 2013

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