‘Day for Life’: a dedicated day celebrating the beauty and dignity of all human life

Day for Life Sunday is celebrated annually with a special message by the Catholic Church across Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.  It is a day specifically dedicated to raising awareness and reflecting on the deep value and meaning of human life at every stage, and in every condition.  On Sunday 16 June, the Church will mark Day for Life 2024 with a message on the theme: The Lord is my shepherd – Compassion and Hope at the End of Life.

This year’s message reminds us that Jesus did not send the sick away, rather He showed that life always has dignity and that there is no such a thing as a useless life.  Catholics are called to defend this gift of life to its natural end and to protect vulnerable citizens from a culture that could pressure them into assisted suicide.  In this way, we are encouraged to support people with the companionship of a listening ear, appropriate treatment, and the best of care, so that their last days can be times of grace, intimacy and love.

This message also includes a brief human-interest story about a young man named Matt, and the experience of a priest who ministered to Matt and his loved ones in his final months and days.  This grace-filled time proved to be a period of intense compassion and profound dignity, as well as faith enriching experience of love and generosity for all concerned.

The Day for Life message is available on https://councilforlife.ie/day-for-life-2024/