There are 4 national schools in the Parish, the details of which are shown below. Any notices specific to the schools will display at the end of this page. All the schools have very interesting and informative websites. Therefore if you would like to find out what’s happening in any of these schools right now, please visit the school’s website. If you are intending to enroll your child in any of our schools, you will be happy to know that there is availability in them all.

Clogherinkoe National School

Clogerinkoe School

Clogherinkoe, Broadford, Co. Kildare

Principal: Ms. Maeve McConaghy

Tel: 046 955 3428


Johnstownbridge National School


St. Patrick’s National School

Johnstownbridge, Enfield, Co. Meath.

Principal: Mr. Colm O’Connor Tel: 046 954 1907



Broadford National School

Broadford National SchoolSt. Mary’s National School

Broadford, Co. Kildare

Principal: Ms. Caroline Jones Tel: 046 9551323



Cadamstown National School

DSC02493Cadamstown National School

Cadamstown, Broadford, Co Kildare

Principal: Mr. Paddy Judge Tel: 046 9551308



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