New Ministries

Published on August 31, 2023

We would like to invite people to new ministries in the parish. We hope to offer training in these over the next few months and then institute people as ministers for these services. Included in these ministries will be:

Junior Servers (for each church). These will be young people from 10-15years old. In each case strict safeguarding guidelines will pertain. Each will have to be accompanied by a parent. THEY WILL NOT ENTER THE SACRISTY. They will be given an alb to wear and will be expected to come to church vested and ready. Junior servers will be active only at weekend masses and only if accompanied by a parent.

Senior Servers (adults): We would be glad of a number of senior (adult) servers, particularly to help during the week and for funerals. Any adults available will receive training and will be a great help to our team.


Readers and Communion Ministers: New readers will be welcome, particularly for Clogherinkoe.

Music Ministry: Anyone who could help with our music ministry in any of the churches is welcome also!

Prayer Community: This will be a new ministry. We are looking for people to pray together for the parish each day, using the Divine Office. It will be the matrix of all our ministries and would be a great source of hope and consolation. The Divine Office can be used as a book or can be downloaded as an app. It is used each morning, evening and night and it is a prayer for the entire church but particularly for our own parish.


Please contact the Office on (046) 9551203 if you can offer help in these ministries!