Communion 2021

Published on September 16, 2021

Thanks to you all for the patience that you have shown as we have tried to organize our ceremonies of Holy Communion.

We hope to hold our ceremonies out of doors, along the line of the Confirmation ceremonies. This will allow for the larger participation in the ceremonies. In this scenario, each communicant can be accompanied by 7-8 others.

If the weather proves inclement on the day, we will move indoors but, unfortunately, in that scenario, participation will be limited greatly. Hopefully this will not happen.

25 September
Broadford: 11.00am in the Park
Cadamstown: 1.00pm in the Park.
Clogherinkoe 3.oopm in the Church grounds.

2 October

Johnstownbridge at 11.00am in the Church grounds.

As with Confirmation, the option of going inside with a smaller group if the weather proves inclement will be a back-up for the day. In this case, numbers would be limited to five per group, i.e. only the communicant, two parents and two others. Hopefully this will not be the case.
As with Confirmation, there will be pods. Each family would be requested to come as a group to the check-in, then to proceed to their pod and to remain together throughout. Seating will not be provided but they can bring their own if required. Participants would be required to wear masks.

As before with Clogherinkoe, parking would be limited to one area and all participants would be asked to enter and check-in at the upper gate (nearest the school).

In JTB, all groups would assemble at the gate and check in there. NO parking would be in the church grounds.

In the case of Broadford, all would enter through the park gate and remove cars in good time to allow others to arrive.