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  1. 80th anniversary of French ecumenical initiative -

    The Vatican newspaper has published a front-page article recalling that July 2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Dombes Group, an ecumenical initiative in Lyon, France.

  2. Archbishop Gänswein: statement by Benedict XVI not aimed at Pope Francis -

    Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the longtime personal secretary to Benedict XVI, denounced suggestions that the retired Pontiff had intended to criticize Pope Francis with a statement issued for the death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

  3. Archbishop Paglia explains new direction for Pontifical Academy for Life -

    Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia explained the new strategic vision of the Pontifical Academy for Life in an interview with Austen Ivereigh for Crux.

  4. Austria: majority of altar servers are girls -

    Nearly a quarter century after the practice of female altar servers became licit, 55% of Austria’s 45,000 altar servers are girls, according to statistics published by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

  5. Caritas rues ‘lack of political will’ to address hunger, ecological problems -

    The Church’s confederation of relief and development agencies recently called upon participants in a UN meeting to make greater efforts to address hunger and ecological concerns.

  6. Catholic layman arrested for Goa desecrations -

    A 54-year-old Catholic layman has been arrested for the desecration of a Catholic cemetery and the destruction of at least 11 crosses in the past month.

  7. Central African Republic: Muslims take refuge in Catholic cathedral -

    More than 2,000 Muslims have sought refuge in the Catholic cathedral in Bangassou, in the Central African Republic, to escape sectarian violence.

  8. Charlie Gard offered permanent-resident status in US -

    The US House of Representatives has approved a measure that would grant permanent-resident status to Charlie Gard, enabling the 11-month-old child to travel to an American hospital for medical treatment.

  9. Facebook blocked, then restored, many Catholic pages -

    Facebook blocked access to more than 20 Catholic pages on July 18, without any explanation.

  10. Facebook restores Catholic pages, says blocking was accidental -

    Facebook has restored full access to more than 20 Catholic pages that had been blocked on July 18, saying that the blockage was due to an error.

  11. Immigration: USCCB renews support for DACA -

    The chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Migration called on the Trump administration not to end a 2012 program that grants work authorization and a reprieve from deportation to over 750,000 youth who entered the nation illegally as children.

  12. Jerusalem’s Christian leaders insist on free access to sacred sites for all -

    All of the major Christian leaders in Jerusalem have issued a joint statement of “serious concern” about the rise in tensions at the Temple Mount, where two police officers were killed by gunmen last week.

  13. Maronites to commemorate Eastern martyrs -

    The Maronite Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic church in full communion with the Holy See, will commemorate a Day of the Martyrs of the Eastern Churches on July 31.

  14. New Philippine bishops’ president viewed as more open to dialogue with government -

    The Philippine bishops have elected Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao to a two-year term as president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

  15. Nigerian bishop: government corruption has aided Boko Haram -

    Speaking in Hungary, a Nigerian bishop said that government corruption has helped foster the Boko Haram jihadist insurgency.

  16. Pontifical abuse commission member praises Regensburg bishop for confronting abuse -

    The publication of a report on widespread abuse at the famous choir school associated with the Diocese of Regensberg, Germany, manifests a “courageous” attitude on the part of the local bishop, according to a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

  17. Russian high court affirms ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses -

    Russia’s Supreme Court has upheld an earlier court decision banning the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  18. South African bishops oppose bid for registration of religious ministers -

    The Catholic bishops of South Africa have announced their opposition to a proposal for the registration of religious ministers with the government.

  19. South African officials turning blind eye to human trafficking, bishops’ spokesman says -

    The priest who serves as the South African bishops’ liaison to parliament said that the nation’s culture of corruption allows human trafficking to go unpunished.

  20. Vatican’s Secretary of State condemns attack on crowd outside Venezuelan church -

    Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, condemned an attack by supporters of President Nicolas Maduro on a crowd outside a church near Caracas.

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